My visit.

  • Hi I looked forward to visiting Arne and for the first time I spent the day there last Saturday. The variety of habitat is impressive to say the least, wetland, ancient woodlands, I saw goldcrests  and a family if long-tailed tits in the pine trees and  gorgeous healthy mosses and fungi, open wildflower rich meadows, reedbeds, coastal and marshland where I saw spoonbills for the first time and a desperately needed heathland. All of this obviously takes constant maintenance and monitoring, hard work for wonderful volunteers and paid staff. I would love to get involved but live at least 3hrs drive away in the SE, as a paid Membership Fundraiser and seeing how many visitors you welcome daily you should be a very good venue for finding new members  as an ASSI, there is plenty to impress the puplic with considering we are in a climate emergency with habitat loss being the main reason for the 60 % decline in UK species with 1in 15% in danger of Extinction. Increasingly people are becoming  aware of the facts but need to be reminded and encouraged to be a part of the solution and being a member of the RSPB is the best way to help restore our natural world to it's former glory. Go guys, keep it up, you're amazing!