RSPB campaigns

Hi all.

I keep getting my regular RSPB email updates and even though I've moved back to New Zealand now I still really want to be able to sign the campaign letters online. However it seems that it's only for UK residents..Is there no option to apply international pressure to the British government? For example, the latest one is regarding encouraging and assisting farmers to create wildlife friendly farms, which I would love to add my voice to!

Does anyone know how I can still be involved in this?

Thanks :-)

  • Hello Jazzy, it’s fabulous that you want to support the RSPB and wildlife-friendly farming.  Thanks!  Regarding online petitions, it is a fact of life that governments tend to listen a bit more to the folks who vote for them (or might vote for someone else!).  So petitions are usually restricted to UK residents.  But all support is valuable, and you can always add your voice by sending an email directly.  For the current wildlife-friendly farming petition, we are targeting David Cameron – you can contact him via

    Thanks again :o)