volunteer and farm alliance

In 2010 we had a survey carried out on our farm. I assumed that once we had had one done, we would be contacted regarding doing another this year, but have heard nothing. Do we have to reapply yearly, or is the survey just a one year deal?

  • Hi Neil,

    The Volunteer & Farmer Alliance is a hugely popular project and demand often outweighs what we can supply in terms of surveys each year. It’s important for us to be able to offer this service to as many farmers as possible, so for that reason we tend not to go back and survey the same farms year on year. By surveying new farms each year, we increase the number of farmers who can benefit from having a survey and any follow-up advice based on the birds recorded.

    There are some occasions when we would go back – for example if a farmer needs a survey to support an agri-environment application or large farms where a separate area of the farm is to be surveyed.

    If there is a particular reason for wanting another survey, I’d suggest having a chat with your local farmland team to see what might be possible, or if we can offer advice in any other way.

    I hope that helps