Join us for the 2022/2023 series of webinars, hearing from experts in the fields of research, conservation and the farming sector.

From hedgerows through to beetles and then wider research projects on how nature-friendly farming techniques may help to improve resilience of arable systems in the future, our webinar series covers it all.  Also, find out what lies ahead in future funding for nature-friendly farming practice. 

All webinars are free to attend, aimed at those wanting to gain technical expertise in the farming and conservation sector.

1/3: Farming for resilience and a positive environmental footprint:
14th December 2022, 6.30pm

We have participated in the ASSIST program, looking at improving food production efficiency, remaining resilient and reducing our negative environmental footprint in farming – led by Rothamsted Research and UK Centre of Ecology and Hydrology
Join us to hear the latest from ASSIST’s research and how things work in practice.

Sam Cook (Rothamsted Research) – Behavioural ecologist working on ecologically based tactics for IPM, with recent work including that on the ASSIST program
Jon Storkey (Rothamsted Research) – Agro-ecologist working at the interface of functional ecology and applied agricultural science at Rothamsted, including work on the AgZero+ program, after the success of ASSIST.
Rob Field (RSPB) – Senior Conservation Scientist overseeing the soils and carbon work at Hope farm
Georgie Bray (RSPB) – Hope Farm Manager overseeing the farmland management, communications, and advisory work, linking to the farm’s research.

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2/3: Nurturing nature for food – a focus on hedgerows and beetles:
18th January 2023, 6.30pm

Hedgerows are an integral part of the farmed landscape, looking after beneficial animals that help us to grow crops. Beetles are an amazing source of pest control.
Join us to hear the latest from experts on hedgerows, beetles, and how looking after these habitats and species work in practice at Hope Farm.

Sarah Barnsley (PTES) – sharing her knowledge on hedgerows and how they are a valuable asset when managed well in the farmed landscape
Kelly Jowett (Rothamsted Research) - Entomologist working on the design of cropping systems and landscapes to reconcile crop and livestock production with biodiversity and ecosystem services.

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3/3: How can we finance nature-friendly farming?
15th February 2023, 6.30pm

Join us to hear the latest on funding for nature-friendly farming, ELMs, and how this looking after wildlife may fit in economically sustainable farm businesses.

Alice Groom (RSPB) – Senior Policy Officer for conservation management at the RSPB, focussing current work on ELMS
Callum Wier (WWF) – Sustainable Agriculture Specialist, sharing the organisations’ thoughts on financing nature-friendly farming including their work with supply chains to improve sustainability of the food in our mainstream supermarkets.

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