Following the Local Elections on May 6, RSPB Senior Policy Officer Natalie LeBrun explains our next steps in making sure England’s Mayors keep nature on the agenda.

Thank you for bringing nature to the Local Elections

The votes are in! On May 6 Local and Mayoral elections took place across England. In the run up to election day, Candidates saw nature hitting their inboxes thanks to our dedicated supporters. Over 3,000 of you used your voice to speak up for our wildlife and greenspaces by emailing your candidates for Mayor!

Before voting day, you asked candidates to acknowledge the nature crisis, and commit to taking immediate action for wildlife. Together, we emphasised that nature restoration must be woven into every aspect of our recovery from Covid-19.

Our local elected leaders have the power to affect change on the ground, including outcomes for the nature and wildlife that lives alongside us. By speaking up and contacting candidates before an election, we told them that the nature and climate emergency really matters to us.

It means we can now ask our local leaders for real change; by establishing and advocating for greener policies, supporting green businesses, restoring nature and greenspaces, funding a green transport sector, and inspiring local communities to take action. 

So, what next?

Leading up to election day we heard clear support for nature from Mayors across England. The need for a green recovery and more nature-rich greenspace has been heard. Now the election results are in, and we’ll be working to keep the pressure on and ensure our leaders deliver for nature.

Every Combined Authority in England has officially declared a Climate Emergency. Whilst this is brilliant news, it’s important that we recognise the importance of nature in these conversations. Our plans need to go further than tree planting; now is the perfect chance to weave a variety of nature-based solutions and wildlife restoration into our recovery. We need our leaders to grasp this opportunity like an osprey grasps a fish in its talons!