It suddenly looks like spring has finally arrived, and as we move into April - the last month covered by the Spring issue of Nature’s Home's "Wild About" section, in which you’ll find ways to enjoy this month’s wildlife on page 22 - I'm celebrating an opportunity to make the most of the sunshine and get outdoors and into nature... at last!

We made the most of today’s glorious sunshine by spending the morning in the dappled sunbeams of a local woodland, surrounded by birdsong, shooting photos to support the RSPB’s Wild Challenge

Springtime at last! Coats off, sunshine out, it's into the woods we go. 

The Wild Challenge is an important initiative, designed to support families in learning about – and helping – wildlife and nature. Some activities encourage families to get out and discover nature after dark - and of course a campfire dinner is the perfect focal point for the occasion!

Our photographer, Sean, captured all the action for one of our children's magazines. 

So, with the help of a local family, we spent a great morning cooking up a campfire feast, which will feature in the RSPB’s special magazine for 8-12 year-old members, Wild Explorer and help raise awareness of the Big Wild Sleepout

The two boys were fantastic in the photoshoot – whittling sticks, brewing nettle tea and cooking over the flames – but they also spent plenty of time climbing trees, running through the woods and enjoying nature. 

We saw brimstone butterflies chasing each other through forest glades, sleepy bumblebees browsing blooms of lesser celandine, and smelt the emerging wild garlic carpeting the slopes. 

Soaking up the springtime, it hardly felt like work at all. But the photoshoot went beautifully and the results will be enjoyed by young RSPB members and their families, and should help inspire a lifelong interest in nature, wildlife and the great outdoors. 

If you have youngsters in your family, why not bring them closer to nature and treat them to youth or family membership? They’ll receive their own bi-monthly nature magazine, learn about wildlife and enjoy a lifelong appreciation of nature. 

Keep your eyes peeled this summer for more about the Big Wild Sleepout, and check out the Wild Challenge homepage for fun family activities to enjoy as the weather improves!