As the shorter, colder days of January become a distant memory during an unseasonably warm February, the snowy verges and frost covered branches make way for daffodils and other shoots of life. Some birds are even starting to nest now, remarkably early and perhaps a sign that our seasonal "norms" are shifting.

Maybe that is where this robin is off to in such a hurry, beginning its nest-building preparations after a winter season as a ubiquitous Christmas card adornment, perched on snowy, ivy-covered tree stumps. A mere 20cm or so wingspan doesn't stop this one from some aerial acrobatics, it's small and nimble frame negotiating through tree branches with ease. Delightful

This is Redbreast 1, requesting permission to land (Photo courtesy of Nature's Home reader Duncan Snell)

Thanks to Duncan Snell for this picture of a robin, taken recently near Harrogate, North Yorkshire.

Have you noticed any birds starting to nest earlier than usual? Let us know in the comments below.