You may remember that I’m a sucker for a cute baby animal from my photo of the week choice back in April of two baby ducks. And I’m back with an even stronger contender for, in my opinion, cutest photo of the week ever.

Check out this tiny baby lapwing. It almost doesn’t look real it’s that cute!

Bird ringer: “I want the cute!” Baby lapwing: “You can’t handle the cute!” (Photo courtesy of Nature’s Home reader Carol Hall)

Thanks to Carol Hall for sending in this brilliant photo from a trip to Yorkshire Wildlife Trust's Potteric Carr. If you’d like one of your photos to be photo of the week then send them to

*You may be wondering what someone is doing holding a lapwing chick. Well one of the important tools we use for science and conservation is bird ringing. This means we can monitor what a birds movements are. The benefits of doing so are very important for the conservation of amazing and important species around the world.