Our brilliant volunteer, Ben Hide, brings you his photo of the week once again.

As autumn starts to gather pace, wildlife spectacles are all around us. And few are more obvious to the eyes (and ears!) than the annual red deer rut. Whether it’s the wilds of the Scottish Highlands or the serenity of an urban park (as here) Stag’s are in full, testosterone-fuelled action gear in pursuit of the female hinds.

And, as noted in the winter edition of Nature’s Home magazine, ‘Stags will also scoop up foliage and grass onto their antlers to make themselves look more intimidating’ – I’m just not sure this one has quite got the hang of looking intimidating. Now if only I could think of someone with bad hair trying to be intimidating to compare him too…

Jean Paul didn't expect his debut down the catwalk to involve a wig made of grass (photo courtesy of Nature’s Home reader Tim Whitelock)

Thanks go to Tim Whitelock for this amusing shot taken at Richmond Park, London.

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