Dare I say it, spring may finally have sprung. Well at least here at RSPB HQ it has. Rain has poured this week but yesterday saw a superbly sunny day. Newts were swimming, brimstone butterflies were fluttering and we all got a strong dose of vitamin D.

Spring is a beautiful time of the year, the sound of bird song and the essence of new life. Arguably, none cuter than that of a baby duck. I mean who doesn’t love baby animals? I should say here, for clarity, I know that a baby duck is called a duckling but for emphasis on cuteness I’m going for baby duck.

Let me put a smile on your face this Friday morning with this photo of some adorable siblings.

Twin goals (Photo courtesy of Nature’s Home reader Mark Butterworth)

Thank you to Mark Butterworth for this lovely photo of cute baby ducks taken in Guernsey last week. Though the subject of the photo drew me in, the colour contrast of the yellow faces against the blue of the water, and the composition itself are certainly worth photo of the week!

What’s your favourite part of spring? Let us know in the comments below