This great grey shrike by reader Colin Mayes really caught my eye when it arrived in the Nature's Home inbox.These scarce winter visitors to the UK, famed for impaling their small mammal and bird prey on thorns, are often distant, mobile and can be surprisingly elusive (for a bird that the books tell you sit in full view on the tops of trees and bushes). I was intrigued how he got such a stunning shot. Here's how he did it:

"I thought you might like this great grey shrike in flight. It's the first time that I have managed to photograph one in in flight. It was behaving as normal sitting on top of a tree but this was beside the railway line at Santon Downham and every time a train came it flew, so I gave myself some cover and waited to hear the railway lines twang then got ready for the shot. It came my way making my day."

Congratulations Colin on the shot which is this week's Nature's Home photo of the week.

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