Up there in my favourite animals is the seal (not far behind the flamingo and the elephant) making me smile every time I see one. There expressive faces bring me an exceptional amount of joy. In fact, it was on Sunday just gone that I took myself to Horsey Beach in Norfolk to see the common seals they have there. Just as I got close enough the rain hit. We spent a couple of minutes watching these wonderful creatures before legging it back to the car. But it was well worth being caught in the downpour.

Browsing the photos sent to us this week, I came across this content chap captured by Nathan Parry. It took me back to last Sunday and the fun I had down at Horsey Beach. 

This one is for everyone that has had a busy week and will be relaxing this weekend (Photo courtesy of Nature’s Home reader Nathan Parry).

Here’s what Nathan had to say about his trip:

“When we first stumbled across Ravenscar it was after a walk from Robin Hoods Bay to Ravenscar along the cliff tops, although after the bad weather you have to be careful along the cliffs. I enjoy photographing Seals on Ravenscar beach mainly due to the wildlife aspect as the seals are in their own environment and cute to watch, not so accommodating if you get too close! I have really enjoyed watching these seals over the last 3/4 months through winter snow rain and sun shine. Also to see seal pups on the beach is amazing and watching them grow.  Best of all some of the seals do throw in some rather cheeky poses so if your quick on the camera then you can capture these.”

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