Puffin picture
Summer Lovin’ (Photo courtesy of Nature's Home reader, Mike Woolley)

As the days draw longer and the nights warmer, the UK’s rich sunsets are the perfect setting for evening adventures – with many of us seizing the fleeting opportunity to explore the great outdoors before we’re once again pelted with endless drizzle.

Golden hour is also a fantastic time to saunter with camera in hand and find some amazing photo ops, much like Nature’s Home reader Mike Woolley did for this glorious puffin shot taken at Skomer Island in west Wales.

Possibly our most distinctive seabird, these auks are a favourite with their striking bills and comical expressions. Dining on a diet of sand eels and other fish, they can be found at a handful of coastal sites in the country.

If you’re keen to spot these beloved birds it is best to look for breeding colonies such as those at RSPB Bempton Cliffs in north Yorkshire, South Stack in Anglesey, the Farne Islands and Coquet Island in Northumberland or the Shetland and Orkney Islands in Scotland.

Of course, you can also find them off the Pembrokeshire coast where Mike was lucky enough to capture this stunning pair of love birds, where they nest alongside Manx shearwaters, razorbills, fulmars and gannets. Sadly, puffins are a red-listed species with only 580,000 breeding pairs nationally - so capturing special moments like this are always great to witness. 

Don't forget you can enter your puffin photos into our citizen science project, Puffarazzi! If you've got any photos of puffin's devouring sandeels, squid or any other yummy grub then we want to see them.