The puffin. A bird with one of the most expressive faces on UK shores. Forever sorrowful, which is no surprise since, in recent years, their supply of tasty sand eels seems to have dwindled leading to the birds being marked as vulnerable on the IUCN Red List

And this little puffin is no different. 

Please sir, can I have some more? (Photo courtesy of Nature's Home reader Sophie Cockburn)

Sophie took this amazing puffin portrait on Skomer and we're asking for readers to head to their nearest puffin colony to take snaps of these amazing birds. 

Food availability is thought to be one of the main causes of puffin decline in the UK and Europe. That's why the RSPB's Puffarazzi campaign is back. Scientists are looking to build on the knowledge collected in 2017 surrounding puffin diets and are asking for your help. Whether you've already got photos of puffins gnawing down on some tasty dinner or you want to take the opportunity this summer, we are welcoming photos from across the UK.

In the last citizen science project, 602 people provided 1,402 photos from almost 40 colonies, and this year you could be a part of the project too. Whether it's RSPB Bempton cliffs, Mull of Galloway or Rathlin Island, your photos are important to help us understand and identify causes of puffin decline.

Got some photos you'd like to submit? Head to our Project Puffin webpage for more information.