Maddy Smith, RSPB Editorial Assistant, picks her photo of the week.

We are the angry mob (Photo courtesy of Nature's Home reader Alan Bevis)

After a serene stroll on the footpaths of beautiful Inner Farne, Alan Bevis managed to capture this fantastic shot as he was aggressively dive-bombed by an angsty Arctic tern.

Regardless of their small stature (weighing in at roughly the size of a blackbird) these terns are a monogamous species that mate for life, and the birds are subsequently counted in pairs. They are incredibly territorial of their nests and chicks - as you can tell from this photo.

Arctic tern numbers are in decline, possibly due to depleting food supply and predation from invasive species. However, if you’re searching for Arctic terns in the UK then you’re in luck. The birds are known to breed across several locations around the country including Orkney and Shetland, Wales, the Isle of Mann and Ireland. They also thrive in Northumberland’s Farne Islands, where this amazing snap was taken.

Eventually, it had the nerve to take a breather on the top of his head!

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Maddy Smith