This coastline crow with it's bright red bill is, in my opinion, the most striking of the corvid family. The chough is often known for it's Cornish roots, standing proud on the counties coat of arms. But in 1947 a pair of these handsome birds nested for the last time for many decades to come. It wasn't until 1960 that a pair of choughs took to the Cornish cliffs once more. But sadly in 1967, one of the pair passed away and for 28 years they were absent. At last the species returned to Cornwall in 2001 and they have been seen there ever since.

And here is one in action for our photo of the week.

A red-billed beauty blowing its beak (photo courtesy of Nature's Home reader Martin Yelland)

On a trip to the Cornish coast, Martin Yelland perfectly captured this charming chough. If you'd like to see a chough yourself, you don't have to head to Cornwall. You can find them on several RSPB reserves, including The Oa, Ramsay Island and South Stack Cliffs.

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