The summer issue of Nature’s Home will be with all our members soon. We hope you can use it to enjoy a bit of escapism into the wonderful world of seabirds, tiny insects, and whales and dolphins... by Head of Supporter Communications, Sara Downes.

We had to print the magazine just as coronavirus was reaching the UK, so some things have changed since then. We didn’t know what social isolation would look like for the UK and thought our reserves would remain open and some events may run, but sadly we had to close our reserves.

We managed to redesign a couple of pages in time for the print deadlines, but who could’ve known just how different our world would look by the time it reached you! Have a look at the website for the latest on specific reserves and events, but for the time being we’ll all have to stay local, enjoy nature from our gardens or windows, and leave our wonderful reserves for nature to enjoy alone.

Despite a fairly stressful 24 hours before print deadlines, this issue was a joy to produce. I started as Head of Supporter Communications in January and have been working with Mark Ward and the team finalising the issue. It’s been fascinating to read the stories so I hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I do.

 You’ll find features on seabird behaviour, cetaceans (pictured) and stories of how with your support we’ve helped seabirds since 1925. We’ve also included lots of other stories that we hope help you connect with nature, like as Nicola Chester’s column on savouring long summer nights or David Lindo’s look at the role of cities in helping nature.

Martin Harper, RSPB conservation director, has written a blog to update on where we are with some of the big conservation and policy priorities that we expected this year. As we wait to hear more on those, you’ll find tips in the magazine on helping nature from your home. Whether that’s logging your swift sightings or helping out the country’s bats and other wildlife with micro ponds. As Simon Barnes says, no one is too small to make a difference and our wildlife needs your continued support.

Nature is providing so much pleasure for people in these difficult times so we’re so thankful that we were still able to print and deliver Nature’s Home to you, and we’re particularly grateful to all those Royal Mail workers bringing it to your door. For members who don’t use the internet, I hope it’s a bit of light relief from the news on TV. And as you’re reading this online, it’s worth a look at our website and social media channels for plenty of distractions like Breakfast Birdwatch and VitaminN.

We’ll also keep posting on the Nature’s Home blog with behind the scenes updates and follow ups to some of the articles in your summer issue, and look forward to reading your letters, photos and feedback to the usual email: