The robin has long held a special place in the heart of the nation. Although especially treasured at Christmas, a robin’s cheerful, friendly presence can be appreciated all-year round. The RSPB is pleased to be a partner of the latest Aardman/Netflix film collaboration, Robin Robin, released earlier this week. You can now watch the heart-warming tale about a robin brought up by a family of mice that sneak around searching for food.  

Join a Robin Robin adventure on RSPB nature reserves 

You and your family can join in with the special Robin Robin themed trails and activities on many of our RSPB reserves. Pick up an activity pack and follow an audio trail, with special messages from the star of the film (Robin!).  

Your stories and photos 

Thank you to everyone who sent in robin pictures. It’s been such a treat to share in some of your sightings. Your stories are a reminder that robins can give us all a reassuring presence as a regular visitor to our gardens or local areas. Whether singing its delightful song, striking a curious pose, sneaking food before it’s even made it to the feeder - a robin always bring us joy every time they stop by.   

Here’s a selection of your favourite robin friends:  

Chris Weston - “My mum loved to see a robin, as many people do (me included). She developed dementia and eventually had to go into a care home and was not allowed out for safety reasons so I would take the robins to her - in picture form... Eventually, she couldn't tell a robin from a wren but would recognise that it was a picture of something she liked.” 

Cassie Nesling – “This is my son at RSPB Minsmere on a bench we now call ‘Robin Bench’ on the way to the Wildlife Lookout hide.” 


Jacqui Banfield-Taylor – “This is one of my favourite photos of a robin I took at dusk in my garden one autumn evening. He had just filled his little belly with food from our bird table and I like to think he was thanking us as he sang for many minutes!” 


Why do robins sing?  

Robins are such early risers, delighting us with their singing all day and late into the evening, almost throughout year. In fact, the only time they don’t sing is when they’re moulting during midsummer (July – August). They are strongly territorial and will protect their patch robustly, which is one of the reasons they sing so persistently! 

Ann Tucker – So looking forward to the new Robin Robin film. Love this photo of ‘our’ robin which our son took. He is a regular visitor, and gives us such enjoyment!” 

Shirley Appleby – “We have several robins in our garden including one who helps with the gardening. This cheeky fellow thought he would help himself whilst I topped the feeders up!” 

Food to bring robins to your patch 

Favourite foods for robins include worms, seeds, fruits, insects, spiders and mealworms. And they probably won’t turn up their beaks to some kitchen scraps either, like cheese or suet. They like to eat from the ground or a bird table, rather than a feeder. Sometimes, like this one, they’ll dive straight in! 

Geoff Bell – This is my favourite image of a Robin. It was taken some years ago at springtime in our local Bourne Wood whilst walking my dog. 

Jon Summers - A quizzical pose, perhaps this robin had just spotted some food?  

Trevor Lunn –My little helper.

Paula Urwin – “This baby hatched in a pot by my kitchen window and we were good friends for three years. Today what I think is the second generation offspring of this robin greets me every morning as I open the door to feed the birds.” 

Our curious companions 

There’s no doubt these appealing little birds have an affinity with us humans. They are happy to hang around and follow you, particularly if they see you as a potential source of food. Next time you are doing a spot of gardening, start turning over some soil and take a look around. Chances are you’ll see a quizzical red-breasted friend staring at you from nearby! 

Jan Stojak – “I have so many photos, it’s so difficult to choose., For me they are all favourites. Photos which portray the fragility of a fantastic songbird, the beauty in their innocent curiosity, their comical poses. Robins can bring such pleasure even in our very gardens. Their morning song can be such a delight.” 

Thank you for delighting us! 

We wish we could include every amazing image sent in, but finally we’ll leave you with this fantastic shot by Adam. Sometimes our abilities are better than we realise – but a posing robin is often a good place to start! 

Adam Williams – “Still very much an absolute beginner at photography, this handsome chap posed beautifully for me at RSPB Sandwell Valley and made me feel a little better about my utter lack of ability.”