• Mike Dilger pops in to say hello

    A big thumbs up for Birds magazine when The One Show's Mike Dilger came in to The Lodge yesterday. Luckily my girflfriend Laura, from the RSPB PR department, was in charge of arranging for Mike to do a podcast for the RSPB and I was keen to meet and grab some time with the TV celeb (sorry Mike, I know you didn't like me calling you the "C" word) once he'd finished .

    We had a good chat about what…

    • 2 Nov 2012
  • What happens when you put 100 RSPB scientists in a room?

    I enjoyed finding this out with my annual visit to the RSPB's Conservation Science meeting in Grantham on Wednesday.

    Unfortunately, I was only able to attend for one day of the three this year, so missed out on some of the tremendous-value, hard-core science debates that go on at the bar in the early hours. I say unfortunately, but the reason I couldn't go for longer was because I only got back from my adventures in…

    • 30 Nov 2012
  • That cover again

    So many of you have enjoyed the latest Birds magazine cover and the rspb-images team say that print sales have been excellent, so I just wanted to share this image of a beautiful collage of the cover that was sent to Gemma Hogg, who writes our news column in Birds, by Lorna Cooper.

    Lorna says:

    "I was blown away by the Winter 2012 RSPB magazine cover, as an artist in collage (amongst other things) I was inspired…

    • 15 Nov 2012