A big thumbs up for Birds magazine when The One Show's Mike Dilger came in to The Lodge yesterday. Luckily my girflfriend Laura, from the RSPB PR department, was in charge of arranging for Mike to do a podcast for the RSPB and I was keen to meet and grab some time with the TV celeb (sorry Mike, I know you didn't like me calling you the "C" word) once he'd finished .

We had a good chat about what Mike is up to at the moment, which includes him paying visits to lots of RSPB reserves for the show, including a trip up to North Norfolk next week. We also had a chat about how he could get involved with the mag and our mutual friends, Birds regulars David Lindo and Stephen Moss.

Coincidentally, we were already featuring a couple of Mike's books in the next issue of Birds, including "My garden and other animals", which is his take on his first house, swayed by its wildlife potential, and the new RSPB title "Wild Town" which ties in perfectly with the big urban wildlife feature that's coming in the next issue of Birds out in January. You can find out more about them in the next issue.

Keep an eye on the TV for more from Mike and maybe more from him in Birds. He's a great guy and I love his enthusiasm for wildlife.

Thanks to Shell from the RSPB Design Team for snapping us out in The Lodge gardens. Luckily neither Mike nor I are shy about posing for a cheesy photo opportunity!

  • I didn't realise the RSPB's work was so diverse and they actually had a "Q". Can't wait for the next magazine to drop on my mat to read all about him.  Keep up the good work as 'Birds' is certainly the best post that I receive...

  • Thanks Smooth Operator - and welcome to the blog. We're getting some great names popping up on the community these days! We'll have a real celeb in the next issue of Birds (not someone like me) that I hope you'll enjoy reading about. I went to see the new Bond film on Sunday and I reckon the RSPB's "Q", who we'll be featuring, is better than the one in the film!

  • Two celebs on the lawn at the Lodge.  Nice to see you had both done your hair!