It’s Valentine’s Day and so it’s time to show the love.

This year, as we are part of The Climate Coalition, the RSPB is asking people to share their personal pledge for nature to inspire others to do the same.  We have asked people to write or film their pledge and share it on social media using #ShowtheLove.

The video of my pledge (which was taken on a particularly bad hair day) was posted this week here.  I said that, in this incredibly important year (both globally and nationally), I would pledge to ensure politicians from all political parties use their voice to help tackle the climate and ecological emergency.

While that may seem part of my job, I could have added that I shall continue to abstain from eating meat.  I gave up 13 months ago because it was clear that diets needed to change as part of our response to the climate crisis and I was curious to see how easy it would be to make the switch.  It remains an interesting experiment.

I could also have added that the RSPB is:

  • playing our part in the global civil society campaign (especially through the BirdLife International partnership) to secure a zero carbon economy
  • practicing what we preach by matching internal carbon footprint reduction targets to what we advocate externally
  • advocating the much-needed energy revolution to take place in harmony with nature
  • promoting natural climate solutions which help protect areas which are rich in nature and high in carbon
  • understanding the impact of climate change on wildlife and adapt our practical conservation work accordingly
  • encouraging members to change their own behaviour to reduce their own environmental footprint

But, it is not just about what organisations can do.  The history of social movements has shown that individual actions can make a massive difference.  So please (even if you are a new member of the Cabinet such as new Environment Secretary George Eustice) do #showthelove and make your pledge for nature today.