...yes I do always salute magpies.  I have to otherwise who knows what dreadful thing might happen.

And today it's Friday 13th, so, please be careful at home, at work and with your Friday night planning.  And be extra careful if you bump into any of our much maligned corvid species. 

Crows, ravens and magpies have played a significant role in the folklore, superstition, and mythology of humans for many years, with spotting one or more of these birds often been thought of as bad luck.  But the gang in the office have identified a few examples to dispel the myth that all natural sights are bad omens.

Here are four examples which we dug up...

If a blackbird makes a nest on your roof, it  is said to be a traditional sign of good luck.  Seeing the sight of two blackbirds together is also said to bring good fortune.  As very territorial birds, it is quite a rare spot, so keep your eyes peeled.

In addition to the legendary four-leaf clover, did you know that the kingfisher is seen as a very lucky bird?  In Europe it’s said that to carry feathers of the kingfisher will act as a good luck charm, believed to bring health and happiness.

And as the warmer months approach, keep an eye out for butterflies. If the first butterfly you see is white, you will have a good year.

In the current economic climate, most would do well to dispense with any arachnophobic tendencies.  It’s believed by some that a spider dropping onto your face or clothes - particularly a tiny 'money spider' - indicates your finances will improve.

The lesson from this is clear - if you want to get through today unharmed - get outside, have a walk and hang around with a brace of blackbirds and spider.  You see - nature is good for you.

Do you know of any other great nature surperstitions?

It would be great to hear your views.

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P.P.S. I salute you Mike Langhom (and the magpie) for your image below.

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