Understandably, there was extensive media coverage of the report led by the airport Commission led by Sir Howard Davies.  

Those of you that are regular readers of RSPB blogs will know that we have two principal concerns about aviation expansion...

...the damage to sites of international wildlife importance and

...the increasing climate change threat of a spike in greenhouse gas emissions.

We're thankful therefore that the Thames Estuary airport, which would have destroyed a huge swathe of bird-rich habitat in the Thames, remains buried by Sir Howard Davies in his commission report.

But, like many environmental groups, we remain opposed to airport expansion on climate grounds.

On Tuesday, the Climate Change Committee called for government to, "Publish an effective policy framework for aviation emissions" because current policies are not sufficient.

Our conclusion is simple - effective controls on aviation emissions must come before capacity expansion for claims that we can have both to have any credence.

I trust that the Government will consider carefully what both Committees have said before making its decision before the end of the year.

  • Hear! Hear!

    Well said Martin.

    Like you we are thankful that a Thames Estuary airport has not been included as an option in the Airports Commission final report. Climate change remains the greatest threat to mankind and biodiversity and we too are opposed to airport expansion for this reason.

    We would like to say a big thank you to all those who have helped to say No to an Estuary Airport and we will remain vigilant as we know only too well that these threats can reappear at any time.

    Gill, Joan and George

    Friends of the North Kent Marshes

    Conservation and Communities United