I went out for a drive the other evening and noticed a muntjac deer standing by the side of the busy road - apparently looking for an opportunity to cross safely.


About 10 minutes later a different muntjac made a lethal mistake and walked in front of my car. 


It was inconvenient for me as the car has a dented bumper and wheel arch, has lost various bits of plastic and there's something that rubs against the tyre as you go round corners.  So it's a few days in the garage and a few hundred pounds, no doubt, to put it right.


An every day occurrence but one that, you could say, shouldn't happen.  The natural range of the muntjac deer is in Asia.  They are only walking in front of my car because someone let them out, or let them get out,  in the countryside.  By all accounts that person was the 11th Duke of Bedford at the beginning of the 20th century.  Do you think that the current, 15th, Duke will send me a cheque for the damage?