There's been more media coverage about Natural England's listing of  the lovely ring-necked parakeet on the General Licence.  The Daily Mail is getting very excited about it, the Daily Telegraph too and with them The Times.  And following an article yesterday, London's evening paper the Standard is still getting stuck in.

Some of this is due to a great quote from the London Wildlife Trust that parakeets are as British as curry! Nice one!  And so true.  The LWT statement makes many of the points that we have made too.

If you look at the pictures in the papers of ring-necked parakeets then you'll probably agree that they are gorgeous birds.  And they are as British as curry in that they are not native species (India is a good place to find them) and were brought here by man.  Like curries, they are lovely; and perhaps like curries, it is difficult to predict what harm they might do in the future.  Generally speaking, it is much better not to ship species around the world because, unlike curries, it is difficult to put them back in their box!  Introduced species are a major cause of species extinctions - but will ring-necked parakeets drive any British species extinct?  I very much doubt it.  Will they, some time in the future, when much commoner, cause economic or wildlife problems?  Hmmm - not so confident I could say no to that.

I'm off for a curry - or should that be bangers and mash?  Actually,  I am keeping up to my four vegetarian days a week - so tonight I will pass on the bangers and maybe go for a vegetable curry.


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