If you could divide up all the land that is RSPB nature reserve and separate it into its constituent habitats, and then box all those parcels of land of the same habitat together and stick them all inside the M25 it would look like this!

What a great walk it would be from Watford (top left, northwest corner) through the mixed woodland with its capercaillies, wood warblers and hawfinches, across Neasden's open spaces of saltmarsh and mudflats with wheeling flocks of dunlin and knot, and into the bogs and mires of Westminster with their breeding greenshank, golden plover, hen harriers and black-throated divers.

It's quite a small area (c140,000ha for interest) considering it contains c13,300 species of animals, plants and fungi - but its quite a big area to maintain and manage.  This really would be a Futurescape!

I'm afraid we haven't put it together quite so conveniently for either locating or visiting but to find your nearest RSPB nature reserve with its very own special habitats click here.