In maybe 10 years time, the use of peat in gardens should become as frowned upon as blowing cigarette smoke into the faces of children.  It will become mainstream that the use of the precious natural resources, destroying wildlife habitats and sticking more carbon up into the atmosphere at the same time, for the beautification of our own private gardens, when alternative less-damaging alternatives are available, is anti-social.

It will be realised that arguing about whether peat alternatives work well or badly is like arguing whether a Chelsea tractor goes faster in a traffic jam than an electric car - not really the point.

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No peat was used in the making of this book.

A love of the natural world demonstrates that a person is a cultured inhabitant of planet Earth.

  • Well Mark bought another make of peat free compost just to start seeds and seedlings really but quite a bit left over so used some for potting on and it is absolute rubbish not allowing the watering to soak in.If we are to use peat free someone has to make a good alternative otherwise lots of us will continue to use that with added peat,we obviously all wish to use peat free if a decent alternative is provided.

    Think you are getting this a bit out of perspective as there must be dozens of things doing more environmental damage than peat extraction.