The (hopefully!) penultimate update on the Skinflats Managed Retreat Project

Well, we are now at the end of the third week of the work and things are really starting to take shape. 

The contractors have spent quite a few days building up the southern embankment to the required height, adding material in thin layers and ensuring each layer is well compacted before adding the next. 

The site of the headwall after removal (Photo credit: Y Boles)

The old concrete headwall associated with the regulated tidal exchange has been removed, the pipe filled and the area re-profiled.  The next step here is to install some brushwood revetment which will help to stabilise the bank and allow saltmarsh to develop. 

The new channels on either side of the seawall (Photo credit: J Leonard)

Of course the final step is to cut the channels on either side of the seawall in preparation for the breach which will happen at some point next week.  Fingers crossed!

This project has been generously funded by EcoCo LIFE and the Heritage Lottery Fund as part of the Inner Forth Landscape Initiative.