A peregrine that dodged death has gone on to raise two chicks this summer. 

This morning we had an update on a male peregrine which we reported on last year, after it was found shot but still alive in King Somborne, Hampshire. The bird had a broken wing, which an Xray confirmed was caused by shooting. Police have identified no leads as to who was responsible.

After some rest and rehabilitation at Andover Hawk Conservancy Trust, the bird recovered and was released. 

From its colour ring, the bird was identified as 'GX' - or 'Peter' - which had fledged from a nest on Salisbury Cathedral in 2014. 

Now, Peter has been identified as the breeding male at a nest site in Hampshire. He has paired up with an unringed female and hatched three chicks, two of which have fledged.

This is great news. Big thanks to the member of the public who found Peter when he was injured and reported it, and to the brilliant work of the Andover Hawk Conservancy Trust in getting him back in the skies. Sadly illegal persecution continues to threaten peregrines seemingly wherever they choose to breed, but great that there are people out there working to protect our raptors too.

If you find an injured or dead bird of prey, please call the RSPB on 01767 680551. 

Peter as a chick in 2014

Peter being released in 2017 after his injuries had mended.

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