RSPB Scotland volunteer photographer, Louise Greenhorn, gives us an insight into life on the other side of the lens... 

Being a volunteer photo journalist with Glasgow's Giving Nature a Home team is such a diverse and interesting position to hold.  

Every event that I go along to take pictures at tends to be completely different, whether it’s in a park or museum, a forest or an urban site. They could be events for schools or families, adults or clubs, with activities ranging from canoeing to foraging, and practical conservation. Whatever I’m attending, it’s always a great opportunity to capture images of people having fun with nature.

But the diversity of events also means that every time I go out to take photographs, I also have the chance to learn and pick up new skills, and some of this has already been useful in my own business as a wildlife photographer. 

I always go to these events very openly, telling people I’m there to take pictures for the RSPB, and making sure they’re comfortable with what I’m doing. But a photographer’s role is often to stand back and melt into the background so that people forget you’re there. It’s the best way to capture natural moments of people having a good time, as most of us tend to tense up if we know our photo is being taken!

But the events are run by such knowledgeable specialists, and you’re spending time with such interesting people, that sometimes I just get stuck in and end up making rock monsters, planting wildflowers, or sharing knowledge about wildlife and wild places.

I really enjoy my role, and I’m looking forward to this year’s festival, for even more opportunities to learn and meet new people.

All pictures taken by Louise