Last weekend I received a very welcomed sighting of a 2012 released white-tailed eagle. As there were so few birds released in 2012 – only 6 compared with around about 15-19 in previous releases (and the wing tag colour isn’t the easiest to read) I rarely receive any visual confirmation of their whereabouts from colleagues or members of the public.

However, despite having limited contact with her, one bird has made some exciting journeys through Scotland already. “Grey T” (or Earl Grey T as she became known to some) has recently appeared on the Isle of Rum - home to some of the first white-tailed eagles to be released as part of a formal reintroduction to Scotland between 1975 and 1985 by John Love. She was seen sitting on a beach in the north of the island.

Grey T was last seen roosting with a large group of young white-tailed eagles on Skye in 2013. White-tailed eagles are sociable birds and often form communal roosts – especially young birds.

The following photograph was taken by Sean Morris on Rum.


Thank you Sean!