Following on from our last blog post with the exciting news about the successful sea eagle nest for the second year running we can now confirm  more details. The breeding pair (Turquoise 1 and Z) are the same pair that raised the chick (White 1) last year. White 1 was the first chick to fledge in the east coast of Scotland in over 200 years, see here for a reminder


Meet the Parents

Photo taken by: Raymond Leinster

A fortnight ago this year's chick was ringed and we are thrilled to announce that it's doing really well. Blood samples are required to confirm the sex of white-tailed eagles but you can have a pretty good guess by looking at the size of their feet! This chick has a relatively small set which is why we think it's a male.


Our curious chick

Photo taken by: Ian Francis

All of the East Scotland sea eagle chicks that were released as part of the 2007-2012 reintroduction programme were fitted with wing tags and VHF transmitters. White A is the second chick to be fitted with a more advanced satellite tag so we can follow his movements closely as he grows up and - hopefully - joins the breeding population. His sibling from last year also had a satellite tag which meant we could react quickly when it went missing in April.


Say hello to White A - our new chick and his 'small' feet!

Photo taken by: Amy Downes


We are hoping to post more information about summer plans and how you can find out more about the project later this week. Until then, spread the word about our fantastic new arrival.