On the 18th of February, our 2014 fledgling from Fife finally left his natal woodland! “14White A” has been roosting in and around his nest wood since he fledged in August last year. It’s rather unusual that it’s taken him so long, (7 months in fact!) however with such great habitat and food availability nearby all year, why bother?!

The bird carries a satellite transmitter which allows us to follow his movements very closely. He has moved north across the Tay and was seen above Panmure estate and Carrot hill before heading north to Glamis area. Keep your eyes peeled if you live in this area – it’ll be great to back up the satellite data with some nice sightings!

Here is his best mug shot taken last summer showing his wing tags and satellite transmitter;

If you get any sightings of him, please email us on eastscotlandseaeagles@rspb.org.uk we'd love to hear about it!

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