Blogger: Gena Correale-Wardle, Senior Community Fundraiser

Sometimes the feeling the trouble our natural world is in overwhelms me until I was to scream about it in the middle of the street. “Don’t you know that our starlings are disappearing?” “Where have our hedgehogs gone?” “Where has our society’s bond with nature gone?” Of course I’m far too sensible to shout these things, but my anxiety teeters on the edge, threatening to get the better of me.

So, it fills me with great joy, when I realise how many friends the RSPB has who feel the same. People who I’ve never met before suddenly pop out of the woodwork and offer to do something to help nature because they know it’s in trouble and don’t want to sit by and do nothing. 

Take the lovely Cally who last year was so struck by the plight of turtle doves being shot when she volunteered at a conservation project in Malta that, on her return, decided to make and sell chocolate turtle doves in aid of the RSPB. She’s raised over £100 so far, and continues to campaign for Operation Turtle Dove.

The latest star of the show is Munch, a lovely business based in Suffolk that produces fabulous works of art made from natural materials. Munch are very kindly supporting the RSPB by donating 10% of each Munch Wood original work sold.  It’s this kind of helping hand which really makes me feel that I’m not alone in my worry about the natural world. Other people understand and want to help too – in whatever way they can!

When we have friends like Munch, we can do so much more - it’s great to see that people care so much about giving nature a home. It goes to show that your gesture doesn’t have to be huge – whether it’s putting out a hedgehog house in your garden, filling in an online vote for The Nature of Farming awards or donating part of your profit to the RSPB. All those gestures add up to a much greater whole which goes towards us making sure we have a world richer in nature.

Thanks to those who already do whatever they can for the RSPB, whether a large or small contribution – we couldn’t do it without you! You can see more of nature’s heroes at To view and purchase Munch’s gorgeous wood work, please visit