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We are delighted to welcome George East as Minsmere’s newest corporate member.  Based just 4 miles away in Leiston, George East import and distribute a wide range of houseware, cleaning and personal care and hair care products.  One of their key lines is the Tala cooking range, where you can buy all sorts of traditionally made products so you can ice, bake, spice and preserve to your heart’s content, just like your grandparents used to do.

So how does this help nature?

Well, we all know the value of a good home.  Having a warm, friendly place to sleep, to cook, to eat and to socialise makes us feel happy and secure.  In a good home our health thrives and our kids blossom.

Nature is no different.

Hopefully you will have seen the State of Nature report, published on May 22, highlighting the plight of Britain’s wildlife.  The shocking decline in species shown by this study can be reversed, but only if communities work together to give nature a home.  We need to provide a clean habitat, good food and a healthy environment so that species can breed and their young survive.

Partnerships with businesses like George East help us do this.  When more businesses commit to giving nature a home, whether that’s through putting up a feeding station (as George East have done), providing nestboxes or planting wildlife friendly flowers, or by supporting conservation groups like the RSPB, we move one step closer to reversing the decline or the UK’s wildlife.

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Thank you George East for your support in giving nature a home!

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