I will admit something to you now. Don’t get me wrong, i love all seasons and winter certainly has it’s own charm. However, I am seriously ready for Spring. I am ready to walk to work without my hat and gloves and my three pairs of socks! I am ready for the sun to warm my chilly cheeks and for the lush green gardens to re-emerge from their hibernations! And, I am ready to wake up to bird song once again.

Snow drops by Andy Hay (rspb-images.com)

Barely into March, and i am already treated to beautiful birdsong at dawn and dusk. Great tits hopping along branches, excited to be prospecting for a potential nest site and mistlethrush sitting high in tree tops marking their territories - the precious beginnings of life. Everything is starting to warm up – including my toes!

There has been many a poetic word written about this seasonal shift. The magical ‘dawn chorus’ that will soon be upon us. Conjuring up all kinds of fantastic imagery to convey how wonderful this seasonal event is. But, this turning of the season; the dawn chorus, the chatting birds, can be summed up quite simply in my eyes. It is like music for your soul. And It makes you feel alive. My face beams when my morning stroll is accompanied with a cacophony of enthusiastic birds.

Great tit by Ben Hall (rspb-images.com)

The season isn’t immediate upon us though, instead it’s quietly showing flashes of brilliant green newness like an orchestra warming up for the Proms. Nature is gently creaking out of the slowness of winter with few notes here and there. Tempting and teasing us. But when it finally does get going – What a show!

There is plenty of opportunity to get out there and witness the arrival of Spring, and embark on the Great Escape of Winter! Dawn Chorus events are sprinkled across RSPB Nature Reserves like snow drops popping up along the hedgerows. In the coming weeks you can take advantage of the RSPB’s Great Escape offer and visit anyone of these nature reserves

As part of this Spring offering just round the corner, we’re making it even easier for you to step outdoors with our Great Escape vouchers. You can download one from our RSPB in the East social media pages and redeem it for a great offer at one of seven RSPB nature reserves in the eastern region.

Enjoying a walk at RSPB Minsmere by David Tipling (rspb-images.com)

I for one will be out and about in March, enjoying the sun on my face and the soundtrack in my ears! Hopefully, I will bump into you.