Blogger: Gena Correale Wardle, Community Fundraising Officer

Sunday is my favourite day of the week – a real lounge day when I like nothing better than to get the Sunday papers and spend the day cooking, reading and watching TV. Last Sunday I spent the morning cooking up a storm in the kitchen with my new favourite thing – my organic veg box!

The previous week one of the papers had run a promotion so you could get one of these fabulous little organic vegetable boxes for half price and I’d jumped at the chance to start getting my veg delivered from a local organic farm. All Thursday I waited in anticipation to see what had been delivered and when I got home I wasn’t disappointed – lush greens poked their way out of the cardboard, potatoes, still covered in soil greeted me from within a paper bag and leeks fresher and thicker than any I’d seen in a supermarket were tucked in the bottom.

I was totally like a child at Christmas and I really couldn’t wait to use it all! The best thing was that it was all in season, locally sourced (where possible) and all organic. It meant that when I was cooking my Sunday lunch yesterday I could have whole roast carrots, without peeling them, safe in the knowledge that no nasties had passed through their skin. I did leeks and cabbage cooked in wine and cream and lovely roast potatoes, it was a delight to the senses! The best thing is there’s still plenty of veg left to see me through the next week or so – although I’m not quite sure what to do with my fennel – ideas on a postcard please!

Although I didn’t realise it, my veg box fits in perfectly with National Climate Week. This year's focus is low carbon food and a spotlight on greener eating! Suggestions include eat less meat and dairy, eating local, seasonal ingredients and making sure not to throw any food away where possible.

I know I shall feel quite smug tonight when I cook up my Sunday leftovers into a delicious bubble and squeak – no meat, local ingredients and using up my left over food. I’m doing my bit without even trying!

To get your juices flowing have a look here for some simple ideas about how you can lower your carbon footprint and eat well, with some recipes suggestions from celeb chefs too -  

Your tummy will appreciate it and you can feel happy in the knowledge that sometimes it’s not as hard as you think to be a conservation hero!