Blogger: Adam Murray, Communications Officer


How are you coping with the summer holidays? A bit soggy around the edges as you dodge the thunder storms? Noticed that the roads are quieter and your usual haunts are “full of screaming kids”/children having fun? Or have you managed to get away from it all and enjoy some natural spectacles like the wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings?


With my wife on maternity leave and a primary school teacher this is first and probably only year that we will not be following the crowds (and exorbitant holiday prices). It also means that we are staying at home taking a "staycation” (read the report from Visit England for more info) - in other words enjoying the wonders of East Anglia and most importantly our new garden.  


So time for a “papa smirk”, a Murray-ism for when my dad has a cheeky knowing smug grin (some say he looks a bit like Papa Smurf too). Now that our lovely garden is nearly down, bar my never ending to do list, these are a few of my favourite things that I will be enjoying this summer.

1.    Flowers blooming and succulents taking hold


2.    Kid-proofing the garden

3.    Adventure Play (any excuse)

4.    Hunting for Bugs


5.    Outdoor Living

And these are a few things I would do differently

I would probably do this whole project at a different time of year so that bedding in the new plants would not need so much watering. I am sure you would get more bargains in garden centres later on in the year too. I would also set out with any contractors what my level of attention to detail is like and whether they can meet that level. Also how do you test this before they start?

Things you can do

Whatever your favourite things are, and feel free to be inspired by the good and great Dame Julie Andrews, you too can make your green space work for you, your family, friends and your local wildlife. Why not take a look at the RSPB Giving Nature a Home web pages and Adrian Thomas’ blog for more info. Enjoy the rest of the summer and see what you can do to avoid the crowds and enjoy your own wildlife oasis however small it may be.