Since I was 15 years old I have been a volunteer – you name it, I've done it (almost). From helping toads cross the road, assisting Guide Dog training, to health-checking cattle, I have spent much of the last 4 years helping animals as a volunteer. Although sometimes hard work, dirty and smelly, there is something I love about volunteering.

With the prospect of a very empty looking 4 month summer break, emailing RSPB to ask to help with their day-to-day communications has been one of the best decisions. Currently on my fifth day, I am happy to say I have joined the strong 17,200+ team of RSPB volunteers. Since publishing an article for ‘Animal Aid’, I have developed a keen interest in writing and the media - to be the new communications volunteer for RSPB’s regional office in Norwich is perfect! A local to the area, I am currently in my first year of studying BSc Ecology at UEA – a degree that fits in perfectly with all the conservation work that RSPB do as well as helping develop my writing skills (I’ve just finished nine exams!).

Before starting at the RSPB, I assumed their work was purely based on birds – however, with a sneak-peek of the work that goes on behind-the-scenes I now know this is not the case. Having just published the ‘State of Nature’ report, it is obvious that nature is in trouble – not just our flying friends. With 60% of assessed species experiencing declines over the last 50 years, British wildlife needs our help. For people like you and I to step up together is one vital step to ensure that our much-loved countryside wildlife does not disappear altogether. From helping in office work to getting dirty in the field, RSPB welcomes volunteers of all shapes, sizes and skills. With the ‘State of Nature’ fresh in our minds, now is no better time to step up and volunteer with Europe’s largest wildlife conservation organisation, RSPB.

 For up-to-date information, search for ‘RSPB in the East’ on Facebook and Twitter and keep an eye out for my future blog posts!