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This is a little view into my world, it is my own personal experience of my natural family man's way of life. It may not be the norm but may resonate with some of you. If it does then please forward this on to your friends. Thanks and enjoy relaxing days.

The Natural Family Man

i-phone in hand

his and hers converse trainers

fat face gilet ( yes gilet not body warmer)


i-phone apps to keep the kids quiet

strangely tempted by our children’s left-overs

knowing the Cbeebies channel number on the Sky Box by heart


my partner getting sweaty at Pilates or Zumba

going to Book Clubs for “adult conversation”

blasé about offspring’s  bodily functions


a house of Ikea with shabby chic thrown in for uniqueness

ripping up the old carpets for those older floor boards

loving a freebie on Gumtree or Etsy


a wallet of loyalty cards showing our fickleness

voting Green

going loco, viva la revolution


going local

dismissing local news and papers

reading the Guardian, fed up of capital listings


replaced 80s and 90s lyrics to Thomas the Tank and Post Man Pat

calling out the youth of today and rip-off 80s fashion

reluctant micro scooter club groupies


hair in strange places, aching knees, battle scars

staying in on Date Nights, asleep by nine thirty

remembering the time before emails and tweeting


dinosaur adventures

the comfort of indoor soft play for the children

feeling guilty not going back to the wild like when you were a kid


yearning for more time

of old times of mud pies and fishing for stickle backs

for our kids too


Dear RSPB can you help me

I’m an 35 plus Natural Family Man

with big adventures in mind


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