Blogger: Adam Murray, Communications Officer

Did you enjoy this year’s Hampton Court Flower Show (my 10 year old self would never thought I would be saying that)? Some top plants there and a bit of plant envy on my behalf. Which were your favourites? It is great to see such a variety of plants from around the world, inspiring the designs. I particularly liked A Space to Connect & Grow, Hedgehog Street  and the outdoor living Al Fresco garden. I think my Mum and Dad must have done a good job on me (see pictures at the end of this post) as I have managed to pick up loads of plant names over the years – even the science names. Which makes me chuckle that I geek out on that just like a birder does with names like Calidris canutus.

The beauty of pretty much starting from scratch in a garden is that you get to choose a bunch of lovely plants (sad for the wallet though – although Mum has promised a load of freebies from her garden).  The first on my wish list were the herbs – practical for cooking and also great for the (good) bugs. I also followed the advice of Mister Titchmarsh and planted some wildflower mix in rows so I could distinguish what was a weed and what wasn’t. To be honest I think it looks a bit weird and happily accept most weeds into the mix – after all the definition of a weed is just a plant in the wrong place. These will compliment the other bright flowering plants like the beautiful blue Agapanthus inspired from my trip to the Scilly Isles.

Next up in the Murray family plant parade were the more hardy greens. Firstly the horsetails for the bog garden, which I love because they haven’t changed since the dinosaurs, and then the succulents, which will cope with the sun trap and poor soil. Have I shown you my sedum hanging basket yet?



As the parade continues the first casualties have fallen. Slugs & snails loved my poppies. The centre piece so far is my lovely tall bay tree which I picked up for a bargain from the plant sale at the Lodge nature reserve & gardens (highly recommend popping along if you are travelling through Bedfordshire). Unfortunately as soon as a brought this untamed beast home – it started turning yellow and all the leaves starting dropping off. Time to refer to the experts


Speaking of experts, have you seen the latest videos that were put together by our dear friends at RSPB Flatford Wildlife Garden – not only can I pick their brains about plant choice but they have these Top Tip vids to help me give nature a home.