No, not made of birds! A kebab for birds to eat!

This simple homemade feeder will help attract birds to your garden for this year's Big Garden Birdwatch - now only a couple of weeks away (sign up here!)  It's cheap and fun to make, and all you'll need is:

  • Apples
  • Hard cheese
    (cut all of the above into cube-sized pieces)
  • Raisins (do not use if you have pets - these can be toxic! Instead check out our pet-friendly bird kebab recipe)
  • Floral wire
  • String

1. Taking floral wire, thread through chunks of cheese and apples, and raisins leaving about 8cm at either end.

2. Bend the wire to form a circle, holding the ends together.

3. Tie a loop of string on the wire circle.

4. Hang your scrumptious kebab up for the birds to feast on.

For your free Big Garden Birdwatch pack, which includes a bird identification chart, plus RSPB shop voucher and advice to help you attract wildlife to your garden, text BIRD to 70030 or visit