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I am having a Moulin Rouge moment.

I blame Erica for coming in this morning and saying that she was serenaded by her fella Moulin Rouge style. I am a bit of a Baz Luhrmann fan and sucker for a good song medley.

Love is a many splendid thing. Love lifts us up where we belong. All you need is love. In the name of love. I will always love you. How wonderful life is now you’re in the world.

I am getting married this weekend - my brother reminded me by sending me a text alerting me that I have 101 hours to go. What a new chapter in my life? More adventures to be had with the most special lady in my life (sorry for the sentimentality but you’ve got to give me a break I am getting married in 101 hours). The lady I love with all my heart.

Got me thinking about love, the way you have a love for friends, the other love you have for family, the love you have for the things that matter to you. The world is a wonderful place and I really do love what it offers us up every day. A sunset, soaring swifts, flitting damselflies, a shaded woodland, the sunshine warming the back of your neck.  It is good to be sentimental, appreciate the good times. However, it is also important to not sit back and be apathetic. If you love something you need to fight for it particularly when it needs your help. Love nature? Me too. So let us do something about it otherwise it may not stay this way, and that would be a very sad thing. In the words of Nicole Kidman “Don’t leave me this way”. A world without natural wonders, surprising you when you least expect it would be heart breaking. So let’s get involved, time is ticking. And remember, LOVE changes everything.

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