Blogger: Adam Murray, Communications Officer


Need a touch of Fiji Time

With this glorious sunshine I am really chuffed with how our new wildlife and family friendly garden is bedding in. However, I definitely need a bit of Fiji Time mentality. What is Fiji Time? From my time working over there you quickly find out about the laid back, don’t stress about the things you can’t change, things will happen when they happen, kind of vibe. Honeymooning in Fiji I am sure this is perfect, doing business there though, some people are not fans.


This attitude is what I need to embrace especially in this high speed, instant gratification world we live in. Growing a garden from scratch instils you with this go slow attitude. Just like those fair people of Aylsham a little closer to home. Plants do not grow instantly but what is amazing is that surprisingly quickly some of my plants that got a head start are doing brilliantly and the wildlife is already arriving.


It is like something from Heathrow Terminal 5. As the swifts overhead are gathering before their last push off I am seeing the arrival of the flying bugs into my garden. After building a wildlife pond bees and wasps are already coming to the water’s edge to supp the cool waters before venturing back to their bijou apartment above.


So maybe I need to give take a leaf out of the girl in our TV advert and wait and see what will continue to arrive.

I can’t sit back on my “Fiji Time” laurels too much though as there is still much to do. Projects for this weekend include the log pile and giving hedgehogs a home. So watch this space and we will see if these little fellas, like our resident office hog below, take up their summer hols in Casa del Murray.



Next Time: The ever expanding To Do List