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Red Kite

Hi everyone,

I'm new here so here goes.

Over the last few weeks I have been lucky enough to see a Red Kite circling at the rear of where I work in Hatfield. This inspired me to join. I wondered if anyone else has seen one.  I thought they were endangered at one time. Perhaps this is a sign that their numbers are increasing?


  • Hello jules and welcome to the forum!

    I'm not far from you then, I live in Stevenage. But yes, there are a few around Hertfordshire, I see them quite often.

    They're around in a few areas, some people don't get to see them, so you're lucky!

    Becca :-)

  • In reply to doggie:

    Thanks Alan - pictures are amazing!

    Thanks Becca - I actually live in Watton at Stone, i'm lucky enough to have the river Beane outside my back door, have seen a couple of Kingfishers but they are too fast to get any pictures

  • In reply to jules:

    Very lucky indeed! I drive through Watton at Stone quite often, I'll have to see if there's anywhere to stop and see if I can see the kingfishers. Would love to photograph them.

    In fact, if the rain holds off now, I might take a trip today, do you see anything else along there?

    Becca :-)

  • In reply to Becca1605:

    Hi jules

    Yes they are now spreading out very well from their release sites. They were wiped out in the UK by human intervention, and we have successfully reintroduced them.

    Best wishes Chris

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  • In reply to Woodpecker:

    Yes Jules,as said above they are spreading in most parts of the country now,it is one of the rare success stories for raptors a lovely bird to see.


    Birding is for everyone no matter how good or bad we are at it,enjoy it while you can

  • In reply to Seaman:

    They have spread to my patch in Lancashire, too. One is spotted flying over quite often (not by me) and one was seen the other day sitting on a bridge parapet.

    Cheers, Linda.

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  • In reply to Sparrow:

    The top of the South Wales valleys have a few now. I know they have reached Usk. Great success story!


    Death - Terry Pratchett (The Last Continent).

  • In reply to Ponty Cyclops:

    We had big excitement here on Wednesday afternoon.  We saw TWO Red Kites circling the fields behind our house.  We live in a rural village in North Gloucestershire (not far from Tewkesbury or Cheltenham), and we see Buzzards all the time, but these were our first Kites.  I am sure they were Kites as I have seen them many times on the M40 heading into/out of London, but never in this neck of the woods.  It was hard to make out any colour or pattern, even with binocs, but one circled overhead just low enough to manage to make out that there were lighter patches at the end of the wings.  That and the distinctive size, tail shape, and long fingers convinced me that they certainly were Kites.  

    Bad news (for us) is we have not seen them since.  They may have been passing through.  But it was quite a treat!

  • In reply to BirdMama:

    I have a pair that circle the fields just off the A605 but they are so high and too far from the road to photogragh and get a decent shot but still I love to see any bird of prey.


  • There’s at least 3 red kytes in Hatfield they tend to fly with the gulls, although at different flight levels. I see them every day now, as I learned their flying times past my home. I love them so much. They are a majestic bird, I really envy their freedom when they are flying really high.