Once again .... Mini moments make mountains out of mole hills!

So what is this micro volunteering all about?  Each small action that a person takes can make a momentous difference when combined with a massive amount of people also doing that activity.

Good grief how many M’s have I used so far!

Having had a quick “Google” around there are many definitions of micro volunteering, from the i-volunteer site I found one that I think is appropriate for the RSPB, keep it simple works for me:

'small, quick, low commitment actions that benefit a worthy cause'

These actions most often are something that can be completed in it’s entirety by a single person, usually taking anything from a few minutes to perhaps an hour. 

Of course there is the example of our Big Garden Bird Watch where each individual spends one hour counting birds in their garden. However, the real value comes when hundreds of thousands of results are added together to give a UK wide picture. 

Micro volunteering is often something that you can do from your own home, perhaps on a computer, mobile phone (oh okay, for you youngsters I mean the smartphone) or within your local community. You could be fully dressed or even in your jimjams (pyjamas!).

So are you intrigued? Do you want to know more ...... ?

There are many opportunities for you to step up for nature (in your underwear, if you are so inclined), here are just a few:

And of course, you can always get involved by signing one of our petitions or an online pledge - check out our appeals on our website www.rspb.org.uk.

Mobile phones can be recycled: fundraising for the RSPB - Photo by Andy Hay (rspb-images.com)