As part of our nationwide Volunteers’ Week running from 1 to 7 June, today’s blog is about a group of volunteers from PricewaterhouseCoopers, the second largest professional services firm in the world, and their day of volunteering at Chorlton Water Park.

On a fresh Friday morning a team of 13 from the Actuarial Services department of PwC undertook a day of volunteering with the RSPB at Chorlton Water Park, Manchester.

There had been regular emails in the few weeks leading up to the day between the RSPB’s Jenny Hackland and the team to ensure we were fully aware of what was coming up and the items of clothing that would be needed. This ensured everyone turned up well prepared, with plenty of warm clothing and supportive footwear.

The day started with some key safety discussions, particularly around the tools that would be used, which enthused the team as to what was in store for the day. Amateur carpenters amongst the group started to get very excited!

Forging a new path

The key tasks set for the team included the clearance and construction of a pathway and the installation of two large planters.

The pathway took much of the team’s efforts during the day, this included cutting back the vegetation, some of which was incredibly stubborn and required use of various tools. The carpenters got to task cutting edging boards and pegs to size, in order to border the path. Team members also got stuck in excavating the ground to ensure it was level in order that aggregate could be brought in to build the path up.

The other key task was the installation and filling of two planters. This resulted in two sub teams introducing a competitive element – who could fill their planter first – hence bragging rights were set for the following weeks!

A welcome pizza break at lunch enabled all the team to replenish and recover before pushing on throughout the afternoon – the focus of which was finishing the path before the end of the day.

Positive impacts

Following a challenging day of activities, the sense of achievement was clear to see, with much of the path completed and both planters filled. Throughout the day the RSPB not only provided clear support and direction on how to undertake the tasks, but also provided insight to the wider work being undertaken in the area.

The positives of volunteering as a team on an activity like this are clear to see; team building benefits, challenging activities and the good fun all combine to produce an excellent day out. The RSPB enabled the success of the day, both leading up to the activities with regular communications, and in particular, during the day itself. Also, the positive impact we provided with just a single day’s volunteering was clear to see.

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