URGENT - Help needed to protect birds in Faversham Creek


I'm writing this post to ask for help from RSPB forum members.

I live next to Faversham Creek in Kent.  It's a lovely place to live and is usually visited by swans, geese, ducks, waders and even unusual or rarely seen birds.  Many of my neighbours are keen bird watchers but in recent months our enjoyment of the creek has been spoilt by a car wash that operates yards from the creekside. 

The noise of the pressure washer has driven the birds away and people who lived in house boats on the creek have been forced to move on.  Cleaning chemicals and oil from the cars is, in all likelihood, contaminating the creek and damaging the surrounding reeds which are recognised as an important area of biodiversity, breeding grounds for fish and a nesting area for birds.  Since the car wash arrived, reed banks have been dumped with debris and rubbish, destroying nesting grounds.  Now, the only birds to be seen are gulls wheeling overhead.

The local council served an enforcement notice against the car wash, which had no planning permission, and cited the above pollution and damage to the environment.  However, after an appeal the planning office is now recommending that the business be granted a 'temporary' operating term of three years!  By that time, huge damage may be done and I fear that the creekside near the town will be completely devoid of birdlife.

If you live in the area or just feel strongly about the protection of birds against the disproportionately prioritised needs of the motorist then I would be very grateful if you would register an objection, or simply an observation, on this planning site http://www.ukplanning.com/ukp/custom/forwards/selectandsearch.jsp?council=Swale%20Borough%20Council&fwd=search You only have to enter the 'application number' sw/12/1401 and then enter a brief comment.  Every objection really helps!

The case is urgent.  On Thursday the 20th December, the council planning commitee will debate the application and make their decision.  Please help to put pressure on them to make the right one; a decision that protects the environment and allows the continued peaceful co-existence of people and birds.

Thank you

  • Hi Riguez, I don't live in the area but I studied at UKC (for the first of my two first degrees)so I reckon I have enough of a connection to the area to comment on the application. Good luck

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  • In reply to Cath M:

    Hi Riguez

    Are you on Twitter? Have you tweeted this? I think a lot of people will be interested in supporting you. It's quite difficult galvanising people the week before Xmas though.

    I can give it a go for you!


  • In reply to Spoonbill:

    Objection sent - hope the right outcome is achieved.


  • In reply to cjbeady:

    I've objected too (hope it's not too late, sorry for the delay). Good luck.