Why I LOVE being a Campaigns Champion...

Why I love being a Campaigns Champion – by Laura Harpham

A trait I’m sure I share with many of you is that I try to be ‘green’. I buy recycled kitchen paper, I shop ‘local’ and I’m happy my RSPB membership goes towards important conservation work (90p of every pound, brilliant!). I know that little steps, steps we can all take, add up to a huge difference. That’s what Stepping Up For Nature is all about.

So, I’m a shopper... a member... a recycler... but what else am I? Just like you, I’m also a constituent.  I’m a voter and as such I have more power than I often give myself credit for.

Here at the RSPB we’re realistic. We know the steps people take for nature everyday and incredibly powerful. We also know that we need the Government on board to get the results we need for nature.

Last week I emailed David Cameron to ask him to support 30% emission cuts by 2020.It look three minutes. I went online, entered my name and postcode added a few lines about the chance for Britain to blaze a trail of green across the world (or words to that affect), clicked ‘Enter’ and got on with my day.

A couple of months ago I wrote a letter to my local MP about nature and the budget statement. I don’t know much about politics; I just know I love nature and the Government has the power to help save nature. I got a letter back with responses to my concerns.
You can imagine how empowering it feels to be in direct conversation with the Government about issues I care about. To be doing something.

As a Campaigns Champion I get support and guidance from the RSPB when speaking up for nature. I can get as involved as I wish and dedicate as much or as little time as I wish to it.

Why do I do it? Because in 5...10...20 years time I don’t want to look at the world and think ‘Why didn’t I do something to help when I had the chance? Why did I rely on others to make the difference?’

I want to look at the world and think ‘I did this. Nature is healthier because of the part I played.’

Maybe, right now, you’re thinking ‘I don’t need to get involved. Other people will do it’. But why wouldn’t you want to be involved?

I love it! I’m sure you’ll love the feeling of making a difference as much as I do.

To find out how you can get involved get in touch by visiting www.rspb.org.uk/steppingup and clicking on Campaign.