It's time for Local Government to stand and take note

It is worrying that with a new development in the Borough of Newham agreed (see news headline (#1)) what will happen to our wildlife if more emphasis is placed on building homes rather than balancing the area with green space? (#1)...."Three thousand new homes will be created on the site of the old Millennium Mills after planning permission for the development was approved last night." The next extract (#2) is from the HacanEast Website. How can the below be resolved when the above seems to dominate our communities. (#2)...."Biodiversity: Newham plays host to a wide variety of different species and habitats, including some rare species. Access to green space is also important for the health and wellbeing of local residents, and some areas of the borough don’t currently have enough green areas available. The airport has removed swans from the Royal Docks area to prevent ‘bird strike’, and has not produced a freely-available biodiversity plan to the time-scale it lays out on its own website."